We have a good relationships with many wood importer at China, Malaysia, Indonesia. They have a big order about rubber woods, pallets and they want to find a reliable partner in Viet Nam. With the advantage of a logistics company for export services, Dainamtrans established a factory which's activity in wood production and now, Dainamtrans sells a lot of rubber wood, pallets to them with special competitor prices.

Designed to suit each type of goods, wood pallet plays an important role in helping enterprise storage, warehousing, cargo easily and quickly, using a convenient and cost-saving operation . Wooden pallets used by characteristics common good strength wood glue, cheaper and widely planted in the northern Vietnam province. Dainamtrans have tested quality wood pallets and wood glue close to very positive results, the pallet load of 1.5 times acacia wood pallet, good durability, while its price is only half compared to pine wood the same size 

Besides plastic pallets, paper pallets, wood pallets are the optimal choice for their needs using durable pallets, inventory, distribution, need strength, health, particularly for bulk commodities , goods stacked, wooden pallets used once for exports.
Depending on certain commodities and purpose that we design and manufacture to order various kinds of wooden pallets

With the business philosophy: Professional Services – high quality – low cost, Dainamtrans commitments:
• committed to satisfying the needs of consumers and the Partner.
• committed to absolute compliance with regulations on environmental protection of the State agencies, authorities issued.
• committed to transparent backgrounds and origin of products SHT offer.
• committed to serving you and your partner with professional style and attitude of most standard services.

We sincerely hope customers and partners experience the products and services to our Dainamtrans have the opportunity to serve and prove the foregoing.

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